The following lists the steps (and costs) for a typical direct email campaign. (Future email campaigns cost less since you are all set up and ready to go.)

The Steps of the Process

1. Planning

$150/hr 1-2 hours needed
We’ll help you plan your email campaign so it’s right for you and your practice’s goals. We’ll also devise your sales pipeline which leads prospective clients from the email they receive to a landing page in your website where they can get more info and schedule an appointment.  We’ll plan out your analytics so we can track it all.

  • Set up a project for you in to easily organize our work together

  • Initial planning phone call between you and our strategic director:

    • Profile your ideal client and discuss how to buy a list

    • Map out a strategy for your sales pipeline

    • Think through the landing page to receive the inquiries

    • Analytics to track the response rates

2. Writing

$150/hr 1-2 hours needed

  • Email blast draft
  • Landing page if needed

3. Landing Page

Cost to be determined on planning call

If you already have a page where we can direct prospective clients, then we can use that page. Otherwise, we want to add a page to your website which gives the visitors value for visiting your website.

  • Add a page to your website to receive the inquiries

4. InTheRightBox configured for email blasting


  • Buy domain specifically for emailing (e.g.

  • Make this domain forward to the jobs landing page in our jobs site

  • Set up InTheRightBox technology

5. List purchase

$75 of our time

  • Acquire list of names and emails from a third-party provider.

6. Email blast

$350 for 10 hours of time to oversee email blasting

  • Import names
  • Mail merge a small batch of email per day (to guard against spam blockers)
  • Monitor for response, spam reports, and blacklisting

Openhill Total: $1075

Third-party email list purchase:  $750