In the Right Box Email Blasting

Direct email proves to us time and again to be one of our most effective marketing tools. But it must be conducted in an ethical and legal manner.  We call our technology and carefully-managed procedures "In the Right Box."

Openhill is one of the few providers we know of who will help you buy a credible list of leads and send direct email on your behalf.

NONE of the American email service providers (e.g. Constant Contact, MailChimp) allow you to send direct emails to lists you’ve purchased or to people you don’t know. They're afraid of being blacklisted as spammers, so they won’t touch anything but opt-in email. This means they’ll help you send email newsletters to your own database of contacts whom you already know, but not to a list you buy.  That's unhelpful if you don't already have a large email subscriber list.

Our Objective

The objective of our In the Right Box solution is clear. Emails must land in the primary inbox–not the promotional box and certainly not the spam box. Your emails need to land in the inbox right beside all their other important messages.

Our rules

Our strict rules ensure we comply with federal law, respect the time and space of the email recipients, and create the conditions likely to generate results for you.

  1. We only perform email blasting for clients who have gone through at least one phone consultation session with us; we need to know you and help devise your plans.

  2. The emails addresses must be from a credible vendor we know and must be fresh (i.e. not older than six months). Typically we help you strategize on which list to purchase and manage the purchase for you.

  3. We must have confidence that the email will yield responses from 2% of the recipients.  (We believe ISPs like Google judge your emails to see if they are engaging people or they will be blocked.) We help you develop the offering and draft a compelling email.

  4. We follow the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:

  5. Our staff must use our internal, seven-point checklist of best practices, including using our software and manually approving each batch of 325 emails we send out.