How much does it cost to implement Pipeline Recruiting?

What is Pipeline Recruiting
and how does it work?

Let’s talk about costs. We aren’t headhunters. No big fees here. We just charge by the hour for our time to run this recruiting process for you. No matter whether you are hiring for an office manager or a therapist, it's the same cost. And, our approach doesn’t take much time at all compared to the alternatives. For a recruiting project like I've described here, a typical cost is around $1650 for our time, plus $750 for the cost of the email list. That’s about a third of what a recruiter would charge. And, you’ll be all set up with a large email list and our email blast software, which we can help you reuse either for your next hire. Future hires are often a third to half the cost since the apparatus is ready to go. Another way you can leverage the cost is reuse the list to send out an email blast to acquire more clients. 

To use our recruiting process, we charge only for the time spent on the project. You approve each step along the way, keeping you in control.  The following lists the steps and costs for a typical project wherein we recruit health practitioners and their staff.

Openhill Total: $1,657.50 (typical cost, broken down below)
Plus third-party email list purchase:  $750

The Steps of the Process

Planning $150

  • Set up a project for you in to easily organize our work together

  • Initial planning phone call between you and our strategic director:

    • Roles and responsibilities of position

    • Profile ideal applicant

    • Strategy to target applicants

    • Overview of how it will play out

  • Create job form questions

Writing $185

  • Email blast draft

  • Job landing page content

  • Get pics of your office to place in job landing page

Job Page $145

  • Create job form in and test

  • Post the job on our main Jobs Page:

  • Set up response dashboard and share with you

InTheRightBox setup for email blasting $355

  • Source and purchase email list

  • Buy domain specifically for emailing (e.g.

  • Make this domain forward to the jobs landing page in our jobs site

  • Set up InTheRightBox email blast technology

List purchase $750 paid to a third-party vendor

  • Acquire list of names and emails from a third-party provider.

Email blast $355

  • Import names

  • Mail merge a small batch of email per day (to guard against spam blockers)

  • Monitor for response, spam reports, and blacklisting

Review applicants $300

  • Chat with you on Basecamp and in the jobs dashboard about client

  • Calls with you

  • Speak on phone with up to three top candidates.

Wrap up project $167.50

  • Call with you to help onboard applicant

  • Send email to all candidates that the job’s been filled

  • Take down job post