We work collaboratively with you to improve your SEO. Here's what you can expect of the process, including the timeframes and costs.

There are no monthly contracts you must sign. You just pay us for our time on an as-needed basis. We tell you ahead of time what work we recommend and what it costs. You approve all work in advance. To get started, you pay for the first planning session only. The other steps can be paid as you move forward.

First Step: Planning Session

$225 • Includes a 60-minute phone call with you, and 30-minutes of online chatting before and after your call. For first-time clients, we offer a money-back guarantee 30 minutes into this phone call if for any reason you aren’t comfortable.

Any marketing tactic, including SEO, should be based on your goals. So, we need to talk with you. To prepare for that call, we’ll set up a project for you in Basecamp.com where we can start to lay out your agenda in an easy, collaborative workspace. Then, we’ll schedule a phone call, which usually lasts 60 minutes. After the call, we'll keep the momentum going by chatting online when you need us.

Second Step: Website SEO Tracking Software and Data Reporting

After our planning call with you, we need to install tracking and reporting software in your website so we have the right SEO data to make smart decisions. We’ll configure your software to collect baseline data for an initial SEO audit to see what needs your immediate attention. And the software captures SEO data for measurement over time. We believe in data transparency, so you have access to all your data collected (which is not the case with most SEO agencies).

Free Tracking Software

$25 to install the following tracking software on your website. These tools are available online for free, but require 30 minutes of our time to install and test.

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Enroll you in our Website Data Club where you get comparative insights for your website. Read more here.

Professional Tracking and Reporting Software

$50 to install the following professional tracking software on your website (plus our out-of-pocket expenses for your tracking software subscription).

We use our collective buying power from representing hundreds of therapists to purchase professional SEO tracking and reporting software tools at wholesales costs on your behalf. You pay our out-of-pocket expenses, with no markups or commissions. We help you choose one of the following software tools to install on your website:

  • Moz Pro. (Our out-of-pocket costs are $275/year.) The reports will be emailed to you weekly.

Third Step: Recommendations

$220 to analyze your reports, review your goals, and write up recommendations.

Includes 90 minutes collectively from our designer, programmer, and strategist, plus 60 minutes of our marketing coordinator’s time to analyze your reports and write up recommendations.

Your SEO data reports will tell us any problems with your site’s SEO and lets you prioritize which issues need to be addressed first. Usually these are technical matters where your site isn’t indexed with search engines, pages loading too slowly, pages not optimized for mobile devices, content not tagged correctly.

The SEO data reports can be overwhelming and can seem like a different language. So, we interpret the reports, prioritize the issues, and write up our recommendations in plain English, including an estimate any time required on your or our part. The recommendations include 1) immediate fixes and 2) proactive steps. Using your site’s SEO data and your marketing goals, we’ll lay out a plan to help make your business found.

Fourth Step: Immediate Fixes

Priced hourly as needed

Most clients just need five to ten hours of our marketing coordinator’s time to properly index their site and optimize the existing content. We charge $35 an hour for the service. Fixing these issues provides you the most immediate payoff in terms of being found. If there are more serious technical issues, sometimes our programmer is required, for whom we bill $100 an hour. You’ll approve any work in advance.

Fifth Step: Proactive SEO Improvement

Priced hourly as needed

We can help you with proactive strategies to improve your organic SEO, such as generating new content. One simple planning document we developed is called an SEO Matrix. We’ll work with you to list out the keywords which you want to win in your local market. Then, we help you prioritize the keywords and pick content generation strategies for each keyword.

Note: Our WithCommunity Webzine tool is an excellent way to get community and health experts adding content and organic backlinks to your website.  

Sixth Step: Ongoing Support

Priced hourly as needed

You can schedule phone sessions as needed at our hourly rate to interpret reports and address any issue. Many clients have our marketing coordinator spend one hour at $35 reviewing the reports each month to catch any problems and keep an eye on your SEO progress. Most clients choose to review their SEO with us at least once or twice per year.