Five Keys to Direct Email for Therapists


Direct email is one marketing tactic which can drive more new visitors to your psychotherapy website than almost any other method. While we regularly deploy dozens of different tactics for therapists (e.g. websites, social media, strategic alliance with physicians), direct email tops the list because of its predictability and efficacy. And, it’s the marketing tactic most overlooked by therapists. Use direct email thoughtfully and you’ll enjoy your audience's attention all to yourself.

Here are five keys for how therapists successfully use direct email:

  1. Buy the right list. It makes so much sense to use direct email because you can target the ideal prospects for you based on specific demographics. Let’s say you enjoy helping high-functioning professional women cope with anxiety. We can help you buy an email list of 5000 females who earn over $75,000 per year, own a home worth at least $200,000, reside within a 45-minutes drive of your office, and have purchased a self-help product within the past year. Lists like this cost only $500 to $750.

  2. Write a clear and helpful email. You are a therapist, so your email must show you authentically care. A great approach is to send tips relevant to the people on the list you purchased. For example, share five lessons you’ve learned helping anxious executives move through their anxiety. Don’t worry; we’ll help you write a compelling and helpful email.

  3. Think through your pipeline. The idea is to funnel your email recipients to a landing page on your website which delivers value. For example, you could offer a self-assessment form and score calculator.  Or, you could display an anxiety checklist to help visitors make the decision whether therapy is for them.  Then, a clear button leads them to schedule a session.

  4. Track it all. We use analytics so you can track it all, from who opens your email, to who visits the landing page, to who schedules a session. You can even set up different landing pages for each version of your email to track which messages perform the best.

  5. Make sure your email shows up in their primary inbox. We built a technology called InTheRightBox to make it more likely your direct email in each recipient’s primary inbox. The objective of our IntheRightBox technology is clear: your emails need to land in the inbox right beside all their other important messages.

If you’d like to hire us to run a successful email campaign for you, we list out all the steps and costs here. Each new client project starts with a telephone session that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.